Athletic Ministry

Utilizing members’ creativity and spiritual gifts to execute fun & effective gospel oriented athletic and recreational functions
-Flag Football 2019

Children’s Ministry

Striving to biblically educate millennial’s & Generation Z while equipping them to be prepared for the world as well as the kingdom
-Youth Financial Department, Wells Fargo Museum Field Trip, 2019

Dance Ministry

Glorifying and exhibiting the highest praises of God in dance and minister life, healing, and victory  

Events Ministry

Being the essential and creative instruments, used by God, to assist in planning, promoting, executing all ECC events.

Finance Education Ministry

Help members & the community live in financial freedom by decreasing debt, budgeting, providing educational workshops to share housing, insurance & loan options

Hospitality Ministry

Reflecting the love of Christ through creating an inviting atmosphere and sense of belonging for all visitors & members

Men’s Ministry

A community of Godly men mentoring and ministering to men of the church, helping them to grow spiritually
Men’s Ministry Day Trip, Baltimore 2019


Demonstrating a high profile for younger members to follow, by speaking positive to our church family as well as offering counseling, assistance & direction and encouragement & prayer

Outreach Ministry

 Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ outside the four walls of the church through testimonies and the Word of the Lord

Praise & Worship Ministry

Creating an atmosphere of celebration & reverence to God through praise & worship

Prison Ministry

Restoring the lives that have been broken and devastated by sin through visiting and equipping those in correctional facilities and educational institutions with the Word of God
Public Relations Ministry
Sharing the church’s accomplishments and activities with the public while also ministering to the congregation through print & digital content and social media platforms
Resource Center

Servicing all members, leaders & local communities through workshops and connections to assist people in careers, living arrangements, & volunteer opportunities

Sexual Abuse & Domestic Violence Ministry

Providing support, counseling & awareness for those experiencing emotional, physical, sexual and verbal abuse

Single’s Ministry

Preparing individuals and couples for strong & lasting relationships and marriage through Christian principles
-Skate Night, March 2019

Women’s Ministry

Building a community of godly women through discipleship, mentor ship & special events
-Broken For The Better, Women’s Conference March 2019